Protagonist Investments

Diversified portfolio of private equity funds
Experts in private equity funds
An experienced team of finance professionals with a proven track record

Protagonist Investments is a Belgian investment fund (PRIVAK) that invests in a diversified portfolio of private equity funds. The aim is to profit from private equity gains by investing in strategies of top managers with proven track records. The aim is to offer investors a gross target return (IRR) of > 10% on their investment.

 Opportunities & challenges

Protagonist Investments is a private equity fund of fund that offers investors access to a diversified portfolio of high-quality private equity funds managed by experienced fund managers that are often difficult to access.

One of the primary opportunities of our fund is the potential for strong long-term returns. Private equity investments offer the potential for significant returns over the long-term, driven by the ability of experienced fund managers to identify and invest in high-quality companies with strong underlying business models and growth potential.

Moreover, our fund offers investors access to a diversified portfolio of private equity funds, with exposure to a range of strategies, industry sectors and geographies. This diversification can help to mitigate risk and potentially enhance returns, as it enables us to take advantage of a broader range of investment opportunities.

One of the primary challenges is the illiquid nature of private equity investments, which typically have longer holding periods than public equity investments. This means that investors in private equity funds must be prepared to commit their capital for an extended period, and may not have the ability to easily sell their investments in the event of a downturn in the market.

Furthermore, private equity investing typically experiences negative returns in the early years of a fund due to significant capital outlays in underlying portfolio companies, creating a J-curve pattern of returns. Over time, returns can increase significantly as portfolio companies mature and are potentially sold.

At Protagonist Investments, we are committed to managing these challenges effectively, through a disciplined investment approach and a focus on identifying high-quality private equity opportunities with experienced fund managers. We believe that our investment strategy is well-positioned to deliver strong long-term returns, while managing risk effectively.

 Key points
  • Benefit from a diversified portfolio of private equity funds
  • Target return of +10% gross IRR
  • Well-diversified portfolio of global private equity funds
  • Top managers with a proven track record
  • High-quality PE investments that are difficult to access
  • Fund management has an extensive network of top managers
  • PE funds with growth, buyout and secondaries as key strategies
  • Complemented by niche strategies
  • Organised as a Belgian privak (profits are generally tax exempt)
  • Professional management: ShelteR Investment Management as AIFM Manager
The Protagonist Investments fund targets investments in other PE funds and thereby offers their investors the opportunity to meet the often high minimum capital requirements of these funds.
Protagonist Investments Team