About us

Diversified portfolio of private equity funds
A proven track record
An experienced team of finance professionals

Protagonist Investments is managed by a team of experienced financial professionals with a proven track record. Each team member brings a unique field of expertise to the table, ensuring a diverse and well-rounded approach to investing. The fund is professionally managed by licensed AIFM Manager ShelteR Investment Management, and has been established with the support of top law firms, including Cambrian and Animo Lawyers.

The Board of Directors, consisting of Benedict Peeters, Sigrid Vandemaele, and Natacha Beaumont, provides strategic oversight and guidance to the fund. The Investment Committee, which includes Benedict Peeters, Anthony Baum, and external advisors, is responsible for making investment and disinvestment decisions for the portfolio.

Olivier Lechanteur oversees the risk management function, ensuring that risks are identified, monitored, and managed effectively. Sandra Van Vaerenberg oversees the compliance function. Together, our team is committed to delivering strong results for our investors while managing risk in a responsible and disciplined manner

Our team
Benedict Peeters
Natacha Beaumont
Sigrid Vandemaele
Olivier Lechanteur
Anthony Baum
Sandra Van Vaerenbergh
The Protagonist Investments fund targets investments in other PE funds and thereby offers their investors the opportunity to meet the often high minimum capital requirements of these funds.
Protagonist Investments Team